2015 Ford Mustang Review

The Mustang has been dominating the sports car industry for over 50 years now. It’s been in movies… and there’s a good number of songs dedicated to it, too.

The classical, eye-catching body has made it a very attractive sports car. Since 2015 was the year of its birthday, Ford decided to give it a redesign.

It has better handling, a more classic design and three different engine sizes. The outside and inside hardly match… because it comes with lots of luxury features and upgraded technology.

Your trips are guaranteed to be more smoother and enjoyable behind the wheel of this monster. There’s a few other reasons why you should by the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Here’s why…

2015 Ford Mustang Review

2015 Ford Mustang Review

1.The eye-catching design.

If you’re cruising down the street and want to make heads spin… then the 2015 Mustang is definitely for you. It’s one of the best looking sports cars on the market. Good ol’ American muscle.

It’s now wider… and sits lower to the ground. The adjustments to its outer appearance have made it more aerodynamic… without making it look jagged.

2. Engine variety

Looking for power and smooth driving? The 2015 Mustang is definitely the sports car for you. It has 3 engine styles, which accommodate different kinds of drivers. It comes with a V8 if you like power, a V6 if you want a medium-powered engine… or… a new fuel-efficient turbocharged 4 cylinder engine if you would like to cut back on the cost of gas.
3. Good gas mileage

Those pesky carbon taxes are hiking up the price of gas… which is why good gas mileage is very important to most drivers. The 2015 Mustang has great gas mileage with each engine size. City mileage is 22 MPG and highway mileage is 31 MPG at its best.

4. It handles well

The new Mustang handles extremely well on the road. In fact, you will notice that it gives you a lot of control. It steers very well… and… is stable when braking and accelerating.

The rear suspension makes the drive a lot smoother on bumpy roads.

5. Customized driving preferences

There’s four different driving settings for you to choose from. You can access them at the flip of a toggle switch. You can choose from normal, snow/wet for the winter season, sport, or track.

The car will adjust its handling and response for each driving mode. You’ll have better control, depending on which situation you’re in. The snow/wet feature will keep you in control of the vehicle on a slippery road. That’s a great safety feature to have.

6. Easy entry and fast-start.

It’s very accessible and very easy to start. The intelligent access feature lets you open the car door just by touching the handle… even if you have the key in your pockets.

Once inside, simply push-start and you’re ready to impress the neighbors as you zoom away.
7. Various steering selections

The 2015 Mustang offers you 3 different power-assisted steering options. You can choose from comfort, sport or standard options. The comfort option makes driving effortless. The sport setting is for those of you that like to get hands-on with your sports car.

The standard option is a balance between the two… so if you want to spice things up a little without getting yourself into trouble – this may be the best option for you.

8. Safety features

The new Mustang has great safety features that will help you avoid accidents. It comes with forward collision warning and brake support. If your Mustand senses a potential collision with the car in front of you, it will notify you.

If you don’t respond fast enough, the brakes will already be greased up and ready to engage when you step on the brake. Just try not to hurt your neck!

The blind spot information system is another awesome bonus. It can dtect vehicles with a radar signal in your blind spot.

9. Color choices

The new Mustang offers 10 choices. You’re sure to find one that suits your style and personality. The basic white, black, gray and silver colors are a given… but did you know that it also comes in orange, yellow and two shades of red? It’s true…

All these vibrant colors will draw more eyes, that’s for sure. It all depends if you want the attention or not.

10. New Cabin Design

The new cockpit will make your drives more comfortable and convenient. The seat sits lower… and… the new steering wheel is smaller. You can tilt it and telescope it… meaning you can push it up and down. The cup holders are outside of the path of the shifter, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink!


The 2015 Ford Mustang is an awesome sports vehicle that will deliver a thrilling drive every time you man the wheel. The interior is comfortable, the engine is powerful… and… the drive is as smooth as a button. What more could you ask for from good ol’ American muscle?

If you’re interested in taking one of these bad boys for a spin, then we have some awesome news for you. Why? Well… we have one of these speed demons sitting idly on our lot, waiting for a savvy customer to come snag it by the reigns. And it’s a convertible, too! Better hold onto your hat if you plan on taking it for a spin…

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