2015 Honda Accord Review

The Honda Accord is known as one of the most popular sedans on the market. College students, executives… and even average Joe’s love the 2015 Honda Accord. Why? Well… there’s a few key factors, which we’ll go over shortly.

The Accord has been receiving rave reviews from multiple automotive experts. The new Accord deserves a lot of praise… but it’s still in a market with very stiff competition.

Here’s what sets it apart from the rest…

2015 Honda Accord Review

The 2015 Honda Accord Review

1) Proven Reliability

Not many vehicles can match the reliability of a Honda Accord. If you properly maintain it, you’ll get at least 300,000 miles out of it. This is one of the reasons why the Honda Accord has a better value than the Kia Optima and Chrysler 200.

The Accord’ strong reliability rating comes in handy for drivers that commute on a daily basis.

2) Roominess

Even though it’s a mid-size sedan, you will enjoy having lots of legroom compared to a lot of full-sized sedans. Plus… the trunk has 15 feet of available cargo room, making it a very capable hauler. The sedan’s adjustable driver’s seat will let different sized drivers to fit comfortably.

3) Lively Base Engine

The power source in the 2015 Honda Accord is a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine. And, with the i-VTEC technology, the motor can churn out 185 horsepower. With the Sport model’s exhaust system, you will get 189 horsepower.

The four-cylinder Accord’s power output definitely beats the Toyota Camry.

4) High-Powered V-6 Engine

If you want better performance, then you must check out the V-6 engine. The 278-horsepower engine gives the Accord tons of power in all driving situations.

During testing, the V-6 Accord reached 60 MPG in just 6 seconds. Plus… the Variable Cylinder Management system still makes it a great fuel efficient vehicle.

5) Good Gas Mileage

Engineers have made a concerted effort to make the 2015 Honda Accord as fuel-efficient as possible. The four-cylinder model maintains an excellent fuel economy rating of 35 MPG on the highway. Despite its greater power output, the V-6 version can return a fuel economy rating of 34 MPG on the open road.

6) Three Available Transmissions

Unlike the Toyota Camry, or Chrysler 200, the 2015 Honda Accord comes with a manual gearbox. The six-speed manual transmission is a breath of fresh air if you like to use a traditional clutch.

But… the four-cylinder model is also available with a variable transmission. The V-6 sedan is only available with a six-speed automatic transmission.
7) Plenty of Standard Features

Every single version of the 2015 Accord comes with a rear-view camera system so that you can easily reverse out of tight parking spaces. Some other standard features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Air filtration system.
  • 160-watt sound system.

Driver’s will also enjoy the push-button ignition system. It’s very convenient.

Some other options include:

  • A sunroof.
  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror.
  • Satellite-linked navigation system.

8) Safety First

The 2015 Honda Accord is available with plenty of safety upgrades. The LED headlights effectively enhance the driver’s visiblity at night. Honda’s LaneWatch blind-spot detection system will help you weave into separate lanes. It’s a must-have on busy highways.

Plus… there’s also a forward collision warning feature that will stop you from rear-ending somebody (hopefully!).

9) Affordable

The starting price for a base 2015 Accord is around $22,105. The price tag is over $1,000 less than a base Toyota Camry.

The Accord Sport model is a very affordable alternative to some of the more expensive sport sedans out there. The top-of-the-line Touring model costs about $33,630… but it packs more luxurious features such as a high-resolution display… and… heated seats.

10) Excellent Ride Quality

You’ll love how smooth the ride quality is. The Accord was engineered to deliver a comfortable ride… without sacrificing the handling. The carefully crafted suspension setup stays composed and agile… even when on rough pavement.

During comparison testing, a lot of driver favored the Accord’s handling over the Camry and Subaru Legacy.


Even though there’s stiff competition, the 2015 Accord is still one of the top contenders. It’s been that way for years. Many automakers have started to use turbocharged engines… but the Accord’s engines are able to compete in terms of fuel efficiency and performance.

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