2016 Chrysler Town & Country Review

Are you looking for the perfect family vehicle? Do you want a van that has lots of space and great safety features? If so, then you might want to consider the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country.

Why? Well, for one, the Chrysler Town and Country is one of the most popular family vehicles on the market. One of the reasons why is because it doesn’t have a dull interior like most vans.

The base model (LX) has great value… but the Limited Platinum model takes it a step further. There’s tons of added in comforts. and with an excellent safety rating, the Town & Country has proven itself to be one of the most secure minivans on the market.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country Review


The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country Review

1) High Performance V-6 Engine

All trims have Chrysler’s Pentastar V-6 engine. And the 3.6L motor can pump out a whopping 283 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. It’s a very impressive engine. In fact, it has managed to land multiple awards over the years.

And not only is the engine very helpful for hauling passengers… but it also allows the Town & Country to tow up to 3,600 pounds.

2) “OK” Fuel Economy

You might see the fuel economy as a con, but the overall fuel efficiency is fairly good. If you’re on the open road, you can get 25 MPG. And you won’t have to purchase premium fuel.

3) Stable Handling

One thing that sets the Town & Country apart is its fluid handling. It’s very balanced when you drive it. You will appreciate the confident handling, especially at high speeds. The S model is very nimble.

It has a sports-tuned suspension system… which… makes it as agile as a smaller vehicle.

4) 100,000-mile warranty

All Town & Country’s come with a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. If the engine or transmission starts to wear out within the warranty period, you can get it replaced… absolutely free!

Compared to the Honda Odyssey, it only has a 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. 40,000 extra miles of covered could make a big difference. It’s always good to stay on the safe side.

5) Budget-Friendly Base Trim

If you want to spend less than $30,000, the LX trim may be your best bet. The leather upholstery comes with it. Chrysler’s UConnect infotainment system is another feature that comes as a bonus. It also comes with power-sliding doors, a power tail-gate, rear-view camera and USB charging ports.

6) Plenty of Passenger Room

The 2016 Town & Country can carry up to seven people. That’s a lot of room if you have a fairly large family. Passengers won’t have trouble remaining comfortable. The first two rows of seats are very roomy, but the third-row seat is not as spacious. But it can be equipped with a reclining function.

7) Stow ’n Go Seating and Storage System

The Town and Country has a very versatile interior. The stow n’ go seats can be folded into the floor, making it great for storage. When you fold down all of the rear seats, you will get 143.8 cubic feet of cargo room. There’s no need to rent a truck anymore… because with the Town & Country you can pretty much tow anything.

8) Luxurious Platinum Model

If you like more upscale features, then you might want to consider the Platinum model. The second-row passengers can benefit from heated seats and the Blu-ray entertainment system will stop children from being bored. More luxurious features include xenon headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, a powerful sound system, sunroof and navigation.

9) Aggressive-Looking S Model

The S model also benefits from a few styling enhancements. The S trim’s black wheels and blacked-out headlights make it look more upscale. Young parents will definitely not be embarrassed to get behind the wheel.

10) Active Safety Features

If you’re worried about getting T-boned, then the Town & Country brings you good news. It scored a five-star rating in terms of side-impact protection. This will help children to remain secure, always. Other active safety features include a blind-spot monitor and a rear cross-path detection system.


The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country didn’t get much of a redesign, but it’s still a great minivan. It’s great for families, people that like to go on road trips and even people that like to transport large goods.

The base LX model is a great bargain, but the higher trim levels have better features.

If you’re interested in purchasing a 2016 Town & Country, why not let us help you? At Direct Auto Mall we have a few Chrysler Town & Country models on our lot. We would love to let you take one for a test drive.

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