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The 2016 GMC Terrain is not a top seller in its class… but it’s still a great alternative to other expensive models.

The design is not very sleek… but it does have a very roomy interior. The cargo space is terrific. And if you plan on jamming your family inside of a SUV, then the Terrain is a great choice.

Plus… the 4-cylinder gas mileage will get you to where you need to go affordably.

Most family-sized vehicles are made to deliver a safe and smooth driving experience. That’s exactly what the Terrain provides.

In short, it’s a great family vehicle. But there’s other features that you won’t want to miss out on.

Here’s why…

2016 GMC Terrain review

2016 GMC Terrain Review


1) Impressive Interior Design

Lots of people have visited our lot and checked out the GMC Terrain. A lot of them have said it has a subtle… yet fascinating design. It’s more noticable in the Denali trim… which… is made of polished wood, leather and metal. Real fancy!

2) Outstanding Infotainment System

Some of the people that have test driven the Terrain have said that the infotainment system has icons that are easy to use. The display is very clear and the menu is easy to navigate.

Finally. An infotainment system that isn’t a complicated mess.

Here’s some other cool features:

  • The IntelliLink touch-screen is similar to smartphone icons. Familiarity is a big plus.
  • You can customize your home screen items that you use often… just like an iPhone.
  • The controls and buttons are easy to use.

3) Well Designed Dashboard

The dashboard inside the cabin of the 2016 GMC Terrain looks very futuristic. When you drive it, every button is easy to reach. There’s nothing worse than having buttons that are a nightmare to use.

It’s usually a safety hazard… but GMC has pulled it off nicely.

4) Acceleration and Power

The 4-cylinder GMc Terrain is an excellent choice if you’re a casual driver. The power is steady and easy to handle. The V6 Terrain has a 3.6-liter engine and is much more powerful.

When you red-line it, the car’s acceleration is very strong. Almost like your body is being pulled through space and time… and makes highway passing maneuvers extremely easy.

Here’s a few more facts you might find interesting…

  • The Terrain’s automatic transmission behaves great
  • The shifts are fairly smooth
  • When needed, downshifts occur quickly.

5) Handling and Braking

When you drive the 2016 GMC Terrain, the ride is very smooth.

Here’s why…

  • Road bumps get washed away by the vehicle suspension.
  • The sound-proof interior makes it very quiet while you are on the highway.
  • The Denali version’s suspension makes the ride very pleasant.

And… the Terrain gives you a very comfortable ride while you move down the road… with stability that provides predictable steering.
6) Comfortable and Roomy Seating

Occupants in the Terrain will enjoy the leg and headroom… even when you have the sunroof housing on. For longer trips, the seats will make the drive less “stuffy.”

Here’s another few benefits…

  • The Terrain is very quiet. Excellent for long-distance road trips and commuting.
  • The cabin is sound proof so that you won’t have to listen to annoying external noises.

7) Updated Styling and Lighting

The 2016 GMC Terrain comes with an updated rear and front styling… and… LED running daytime lights on the Terrain SLE-2 models. Plus… it provides you with front reading lamps.

8) Cargo Storage

The storage space for the 2016 Terrain is great. Not as good as its competitors, but still pretty good. Here’s what it can hold…

  • It offers cargo space measuring 31.6 cubic feet behind the car’s rear seats
  • You get 63.9 cubic feet when you fold the rear seats
  • Also available is a power lift-gate
  • The vehicle has decently sized door pockets, glove box, and a center console.

9) Excellent Safety Ratings

It has very good safety scores. The 2016 Terrain was given a 4-star rating in terms of safety. And, it was considered a top safety pick from the Institute for Highway Safety.

10) Zero Recalls

There’s been no recalls on the 2016 GMC Terrain… so you won’t have to worry about any defects.


And there you have it. If you’re interested in purchasing a reliable pre-owned 2016 GMC Terrain, then come visit us at Direct Auto Mall.

We have a great selection for you to choose from. Our vehicles are in great condition and have low miles on the clock. If you’re at all interested, take a look at our 2016 GMC Terrain’s at the links below…

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While some vehicle reviewers have classified the 2016 GMC Terrain as a midsize, others deem it a compact crossover. The fact is that it enjoys the best from of both these designations.

It is offering the midsize SUV roominess and the fuel economy fit for a compact model. To this equation add truck-like styling, and what you get becomes a package that is truly compelling.