Why Buy The 2016 Honda Civic?

If you’re looking for a popular sedan that’s great on gas… and… has a little pep to it under the hood, then the Honda Civic may be the perfect sedan for you.

Not only does it have great engine performance, but it also looks sportier compared to previous generations. Families will certainly appreciate this up-beat look.

And that’s not all…

If you’re tired of hearing the kids shouting “Can you push your seat up a little further?”, then you will find relief in hearing that there’s tons of legroom in the back.

You also won’t have to worry about your kids safety either, because it bolsters an outstanding crash protection rating.

But you probably already know that. The Civic has been rated a top safety pick for years.

So what’s new for 2016? Stick around to find out…

why buy the 2016 honda civic

Why Buy The 2016 Honda Civic?

You will be excited to hear that the 2016 Honda Civic is brand-new. A complete make-over. From the suspension to the engine, every aspect of this car is different.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should buy the 2016 Honda Civic…
1) More Powerful  Engine
One of the most impressive features, by far, is the base engine’s extra power. The four-cylinder engine cranks out 158-horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque.
As usual, you can look forward to getting great gas mileage. When using the CVT, the sedan can churn out 41 MPG on the highway. It almost doesn’t get any better than that.

The manual version isn’t as efficient, but it’s still pretty close.

2) Available Turbocharged Engine

Civic buyers can now get a turbocharged engine. What does that mean? Well, Honda’s tuned the boosted four-cylinder engine to produce 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque.

The turbocharged version can hit 60 MPH in a quick 6.8 seconds. Gas mileage even increases to an eco-friendly 42 MPG on the open road.

3) Brand New Suspension

Driving the Honda Civic is a pleasant experience. It handles great. When weaving around a curvy road, the body remains stable and on-balance.

This should be good news if you like an agile vehicle. Luckily, the improve handling doesn’t tarnish the ride quality. That’s because the suspension absorbs the impact of bumps on the open road.

4) Edgier Styling

You can’t overlook the Civic’s sporty design. The front of the car and the eye-catching body lines give the 2016 Honda Civic an edgy look.
It also has LED daytime running lights and LED taillights. The EX trim even comes with 16-inch wheels… which make it look even sharper.
5) More Room
Like I said before, if you’re tired of your kid yelling at you to push up your seat, then this should be good news. With the 2016 Honda Civic you can enjoy a lot more comfort.
The rear-seat legroom has drastically increased. Everyone can stretch out their limbs. And, trunk space increased too.

If you like taking long road trips, the Civic will be a great car for you because of it’s smooth driving.

6) Jam-Packed With Exciting Features

Even the lowest (and cheapest) model comes with a ton of features. The rear-view camera will allow you to squeeze out of tight parking spaces without backing into another vehicle.
Not only does it help you, but it also looks great too. The  display screen gives the cabin a hint of class.
Some other features include cruise control, Pandora connectivity, USB port and Bluetooth technology.

7) Technology-Filled EX Trim

The mid-level EX trim comes with several more features than the base model. Most notably being the 8-speaker sound system.

If you’re into window shakers, then you’re gonna love this sound system. Plus, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be found on the EX trim, too.

Other cool features include: the Honda LaneWatch camera system, advanced trip computer, touch-screen display and heated side mirrors.

8) Better Braking System

The Civic used to come with rear drum brakes. Now that’s no longer the case. Every single version come with four-wheel disc brakes.

This means in emergency situations, the Civic will offer impressive stopping power. You won’t have to compromise any safety.

9) Great Safety Options

The base Civic has a rear-view camera to prevent you from bumping into another car. While on the higher trim levels, there are more advanced features.

For example, when you attempt to change lanes, the LaneWatch camera will help eliminate blind-spots. The cruise control will also reduce driver fatigue on extended trips.

There are more driving aids, too. This includes the brake system and lane-departure intervention.

10) Affordable Price Tag

Even though there’s been a ton of new improvements made to the 2016 Honda Civic, it’s still very affordable. Prices for the base model start at $18,700, but the higher class models top it out at $25,500.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a very reliable sedan that will last you for years, the 2016 Honda Civic is one of your best options. It has a large interior, making it a great family vehicle.

The fuel economy and advanced handling make it a top contender in the mid-size sedan space.

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