Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

“Why is my check engine light on?” is probably one of the most stressful questions every car owner has to ask. There’s no scarier feeling than seeing the check engine light up on your dashboard… even on the most casual drives.

Something’s clearly wrong… but that warning light can mean a lot of different problems. You would think they would develop new kinds of symbols by now, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately there isn’t… and some causes may be more serious than others. Fortunately, the Direct Auto Mall service team is ready to help. If you’re wondering why your check engine light is on, we can figure it out – and fast. T

Plus… we can find out the problem for free. There won’t be any charge for us to take a look.

If you decide that the problem isn’t worth fixing, then you won’t have any obligation to pay for our service team to fix it for you.

But to give you extra peace of mind, here’s what you can commonly expect from a check engine light…

why is my check engine light on


Why Is My Check Engine Light On? – 4 Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

1. Gas Cap Is Loose Or Damaged

If the light comes on a few minutes after you fill up on gas, your gas cap may be loose. If it isn’t properly shut, fuel vapors can escape and knock your entire fuel system off balance.

For most, this is the best-case scenario (and also the cheapest). Even if your gas cap is broken or missing, it will only cost you a few dollars to replace.

2. A Sensor Is Malfunctioning

Most modern cars contain several different sensors to keep everything running in perfect order. Oxygen sensors help cars monitor how much fuel’s being burned.

The mass airflow sensor helps balance the mixture of air and fuel entering your engine. If your sensor breaks, most likely your check engine light will come on.

Driving with a broken sensor can deplete your gas mileage and wreak havoc on other parts of your engine. This is why it’s very important to get it fixed ASAP. [link]

why is my check engine light on

3. Replace Your Spark Plugs

Over time your spark plugs and wires will wear out. Eventually they have to be replaced. If you’re behind on maintenance and your check engine light comes on, your spark plugs might be the culprit.

5. A Faulty Catalytic Converter

Let me tell you, having a faulty cat isn’t any fun. In fact, it’s the worst problem on the list. Why? Well… for one it’s very expensive to replace. But the good news is that it’s not very likely to break… unless you’ve been ignoring one of the other problems on the list.

That’s why it’s very important to get your check engine warning light diagnosed immediately. Don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment at Direct Auto Mall as soon as you spot it.