How to Detail Your Car From Home

Knowing how to detail your car  from home can be extremely useful, especially when winter is fast approaching.

All that salt, ice and snow can wear out the coat of paint on your vehicle’s body… which… can lead to rusting. While the best preventive measure is to wash your car frequently… that’s not going to stop your vehicle from rusting over the long haul.

To prevent rusting, the best preventive measure you can use is detailing your vehicle. In this article we show you exactly how to do it yourself from home…

How to Detail Your Car From Home

How to Detail Your Car From Home

So why should I actually detail my vehicle? Don’t I just have to take it through the car wash? Well… like I said before, it’s a very good idea to wash your car at least once a month…

BUT – detailing your vehicle will add an extra layer of protection to prevent the salt and moisture from eating away at your car’s body metal.

Step 1: Use Two Buckets to Wash Away Dirt And Grime

Add clean suds to one bucket and clean water to the other. Just to clarify, you will only need two buckets.

Once that’s done, rinse out your cloth in the clean water before dipping it delicately into that chemical-infused suds bucket. This will keep your suds water clean from contamination.

If you just use one bucket, you will mix dirt with your clean soap bucket… which… will just put dirt and grime back onto your vehicle. And that’s the very thing we’re trying to get rid of.

Step 2: Get Microfiber Cloths From Your Local Hardware Store

Microfiber cloths are essential when it comes to cleaning your car. Using them will prevent scratching on your paint.

Plus… they’re easier to use, more effective, cause less friction, little-to-no scratches and very easy to rinse and dry. What more could you ask for?

Step 3: Use Trim Protectant/Restorer Before Waxing

It’s important to wash and dry your vehicle before adding a coat of protectant/waxing to it. That way you won’t trap dirt particles under your protective layer.

It would be sort of like letting your adversaries behind enemy lines. Once your vehicle is ready to be waxed, you will need to use a buffer to apply the protectant.

Use a clean towel to wipe away the chemicals once you’re done.

Step 4: Buy a Dual Action Polisher

The dual action polisher is a tool that you will need to use to polish that layer of wax you just added.

The reason why you need a dual action polisher is because it doesn’t have a forced rotation… which… keeps the tool moving under lots of pressure. It’s so simple to use that anybody could do some pretty good workmanship.

Step 5: Use a Clay Bar System

Once you’re done washing and drying your car after polishing it, rub the clay bar over the paint. Why? Well… it will remove the environmental contaminants like dirt and salt… without scraping off your paint. Neat, huh? Another cool thing is that these clay bar’s are pretty cheap.

Step 6: Use a Plastic Bag

I know what you’re probably  thinking right now… “a plastic bag? Really? Where the heck am I going to find one big enough to—

Hold your horses. You won’t need a plastic big that’s that big. You will just need an ordinary grocery bag. Why? Well… you must run it over the surface of your paint.

It will intensify any bumps and imperfections so that you can go back and detail them again. That way you will know that you’ve done a near-perfect job.

Step 7: Dry Glass in Two Directions

You will need to dry your glass horizontally and then vertically.

That way your will get a perfectly clear window without having to go back and wipe away those streaks.

Perhaps you can teach this to your kids too, so that every time they put their grubby hands on the window they aren’t leaving a gross hand print.

Step 8: Brush The Carpets Really Good

Detailing your car isn’t just about buffing up the exterior of your vehicle. It includes the interior too! The best way to keep your carpets clean is by using a stiff nylon brush.

Just run it through your carpets. Why? Well… when you come to vacuum all the rocks and dirt, there won’t be any that are stuck to the carpets.

Same goes for door panels… but you might want to try using a gentler brush.

If more aggressive cleaning is needed, just start gently and gradually increase the intensity. A shot of fabric cleaner should do the trick. (I’m talking about on your car doors, not in a “shot glass” FYI)

Step 9: Make Nikola Tesla Proud (By Using Electricity to Your Advantage)

How, you ask? Buy some latex gloves, rub the gloves over any pet hair you find in your vehicle. This will lift the pet hair off your carpets… making it 10x easier to suck it up into the vacuum.

OK, maybe he won’t be that proud. But at least you won’t have any dog hair laying around in your car.

Step 10: Don’t Touch the Headliner With a 10ft. Pole

Even a little bit of scrubbing can cause the glue in the headliner to lose its hold. If you absolutely must clean your headliner, then make sure to use very little moisture. Never let whatever chemical you use to soak through the fabric.

… or just don’t touch the headliner at all. Either way, it’s up to you!

Listen… car detailing can take hours. And if you manage to mess up or do something improperly… you could cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

Your best bet? I’d take it to a professional auto spa. Make sure you do your research and don’t pick a facility that’s going to take your vehicle for granted.

… but if you want real professionals that have cut their teeth on expert auto detailing, then I can’t see why you wouldn’t bring your vehicle to Direct Auto Mall, in Framingham Massachusetts.

Plus… do you really want to run around to grab all these tools and materials? It could cost you a fortune! Let us save you a ton of time and do all the work for you, at an extremely affordable cost. Book your appointment today.