How to Get The Best Trade-In Value For Your Vehicle

If you’re buying a new car from us, then we want your old one. But if you want to find out how to get the best trade-in value for your vehicle, there’s a few things you need to consider.

First of all, trading in your vehicle at our dealership is going to shortcut the process of selling it privately. We spoke all about the benefits of trading in your vehicle here.

If you decided to get off the fence and now want to trade-in your vehicle, you might be wondering how to get the best value possible. Are there ways to get a higher offer?

Truth is… there is a way to get a higher value. You just need to properly prepare.

how to get the best trade-in value for your vehicle

How to Get The Best Trade-In Value For Your Vehicle

Find Out Your Ballpark Price Range

Before coming to our dealership, you should calculate the trade-in value of your car online. You will want to know what to expect.

It’s easy to get a trade-in evaluation from us. It only takes a minute to fill out our form. And once you answer a few quick questions, you will receive a no obligation price quote based on actual market data.

Get Your Trade-In Value Here!

Make Your Car Attractive to Increase its Value

For the most part, the price range of your vehicle’s value depends on your car’s age, history and mileage. These are things that you can’t really change… but there are some easy and low-cost things you can do to improve your car’s condition.

These affordable fixes will move the needle of your trade-in value toward the higher end of the range. In fact, applying these fixes could make the difference in getting a few extra hundred dollars.

Here’s what you can fix:

  • Collect ALL of your maintenance paperwork — If you can give us a complete list of your maintenance and service records, you will get a higher trade-in evaluation. Spend some time getting all the paperwork you have together. If some are missing, you can probably call the center where the service was done. It’s worth giving your mechanic a quick call. Besides, what’s there to lose?
  • Clean every nook and cranny — Vacuum your carpets, douse them in shampoo and wash the seats. You will be surprised at how doing this will increase your trade-in value. Even if it’s not possible to get your vehicle looking spotless, a thorough cleaning can improve the value of your car. More than any amount you can spend on cleaning chemicals! Read this article to find out how to give your car a deep-clean.
  • Repair anything that’s cost-effective to fix — Does your car have a few dents or other minor issues? That’s OK. These might be worth fixing before you make your trade. Get an estimate for the repairs and compare it with your trade-in evaluation. Sometimes the difference in condition will make the repairs worth it. In some cases, you’ll save more money by trading it in as-is. It really comes down to your car, but it’s still worth thinking about.

Like I said earlier, even if we give you a ballpark trade-in evaluation, you might even get a higher price if you follow the instructions I’ve laid out above.

If you decide to get repairs done, let our service team handle it for you.