How to Finalize a Used Car Sale in Massachusetts

You’ve done your homework and researched what type of car you want. You’ve met with the seller, gone for a test drive and asked all the right questions.

Now you’re ready to buy, so how do you go about finalizing the sale? First, you need to learn how to finalize a used car sale in Massachusetts.

how to finalize a used car sale in Massachusetts


1. Verify the VIN number of the car.

Make sure that the VIN number on the vehicle matches up with all the supporting documents. Thousands of people fall victim to car fraud and scams every year, so this is a vital step that you can’t afford to gloss over.

2. Check the seller’s math.

This goes without saying. You will want to make sure that the seller’s math is on point… and that there’s no extra fees added in. For all you know, they could stack on some extra fees to burn you.

Seller’s also make mistakes too, so there’s nothing wrong with double-checking that the number’s add up. This is another crucial step you don’t want to skip over.

3. Required paperwork needed to finalize the sale.

  • Car’s title (or pink slip) which is a legal form of a vehicle ownership document.
  • Insurance for the vehicle. As a buyer, you must make sure that you have auto insurance in order to drive the vehicle.

4. Signing the title.

Make sure both you and the seller sign and print your names on the title.The seller must fill in the odometer reading of the vehicle on the title.

The process is quick and easy, but you must make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid used car fraud.

BONUS: The Massachusetts Lemon Law

There are strict laws that prohibit seller’s from selling vehicles that are overly costly to repair. You’re entitled to a full refund if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your car receives a rejection sticker within 7 days of the purchase (after a safety test).
  • Cost of repairs must be more than 10% of the vehicles purchase price.
  • Written statement from the inspector that describes why the vehicle failed the test, the estimated cost of repairs and the inspector’s signature.

If you meet all of these rules, you will get a full refund. However, if you meet one of the requirements and not the others, you will not receive a full refund.

This is why it’s very risky dealing with private seller’s. There’s almost no protection or guarantee that you will get your money back if the vehicle is a lemon.

… but at Direct Auto Mall, we do things differently. You see, when you buy a vehicle from us, you will get a bullet-proof warranty with every single purchase.

With that being said, all of our vehicle’s are hand-picked and undergo a 120-point detailed inspection to make sure there’s zero mechanical issues.

Plus… we provide CarFax history reports with each purchase. So if you’re interested in buying a used car in (or near) Framingham, give us a call at 877-651-7166.