How to Get an Oil Change in Framingham For Just $9.99

What if you could get an oil change for less than a dinner for two? Wouldn’t that save you hundreds of dollars each year?

Truth is… there is a way. And no, it’s not by doing it yourself.

In this article I’m going to show you how you can get an oil change in Framingham, Massachusetts for dirt cheap. In fact, you will spend less than a dinner for two at McDonalds.

But… there’s only one caveat: this offer IS ending very soon.

So make sure you pay very close attention so that you don’t miss out…



Think about it…

When you have to do an oil change all on your own, isn’t it a pain having to crawl under your car? And doesn’t it suck having to pay over $30 on a jug of “okay” quality oil?

Why waste all your time and effort when there’s an easier option available? You could waste an hour of your time jacking up your car, draining the oil, replacing the filter… and on… and on…

… or you could let a team of highly trained auto service specialists do it for you.

Instead of wasting your days off underneath a car, why not spend it relaxing with your family and friends? Or why not watch the ball game instead?

Look… you’re going to end up spending more money and wasting more time if you do the oil change by yourself. There’s no denying that.

… but maybe you might be putting off your oil change for tomorrow. You might even be thinking about putting it off until next week.

There’s two problems with this:

  1. If you leave your oil and filter change to the last minute, your engine could become over-run with contaminants. These contaminants could inflict heavy damage on your engine… costing you thousands of dollars to fix… and… lackluster engine performance.
  2. You might miss out on this one-time oil special from us… which… is ending on September 15, 2016. Keep in mind… that’s only a week away from today.

So if you don’t want your engine to fall apart and you do want to have it running at its best capacity… and… if you do want to save over $40 on an oil change, then you MUST book your oil change appointment at Direct Auto Mall before our price shoots back up to $49.99.

Why should you? Well, it gets even better…

You see, there’s more than just an oil change and oil filter replacement included in our special package.

In fact, here’s what else is included in our $9.99 service package:

  • The friendly and skilful service crew at our dealership will top up your vehicle with high quality oil… so that your vehicle runs smoothly for months to come
  • They will replace your oil filter with a brand-new one to protect your engine from those pesky contaminates that are building up and weighing down your engine… so that you get the best performance possible out of your ride
  • They will check to make sure your tire rotation is properly aligned… so that your ride is smoother and the handling is safer… which… will extend the life of your tires. (Hey, even more savings!)
  • They will give your brakes a check during the tire rotation inspection to make sure they are in perfect working order… so that you don’t end up rear-ending somebody by accident
  • They will check your battery to make sure it’s pumping out the right amount of voltage… so that you don’t end up stuck in a parking lot waiting for an angry family member to bring you the jumper cables
  • They will give your car’s suspension system an evaluation to make sure it’s working perfectly… because when it suffers your handling will go haywire over small bumps and turns
  • And they will even top up your windshield wiper fluid so that you can wash away blinding grime that blocks your vision
  • Plus… they will even top up your transmission fluid so that your transmission doesn’t end up breaking down and costing you an enormous amount of money

So there you have it.

Keep in mind… there’s no other dealership or mechanic in Massachusetts that offers this much value for only $9.99. This package normally costs $49.99, so you’re already going to save $40 by taking advantage of this offer.

and that’s only the beginning of your savings, because I left one important part out on purpose to show you WHY this offer is so valuable…

Not only will we give you all the services I described above… but… we will even give your vehicle a 29-point detailed inspection as an added BONUS.

Yes… you read that right. We will give your vehicle our certified dealership inspection to make sure there’s ZERO problems lurking underneath your hood.

Being armed with this information can save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars. How? It’s simple…

IF there’s any early signs of a problem brewing underneath your hood… we will tell you exactly what the problem is… and… how you can prevent it from escalating into a costly nightmare.

That being said, we will be fully transparent with you… and… you will not be obligated to have us fix it. Remember, we will just let you know IF there is a problem.

That’s all.

So how can you book your appointment? It’s quick, hassle-free… and… you don’t have to pre-purchase the package.

All you have to do is give us a call at 877-651-7166 to book your service appointment. Pick any date that works for you and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in.

Dozens of savvy car owners have already taken advantage of our offer… but there’s still some time left for you to book your appointment too.

If you’re not comfortable talking over the phone, simply book your appointment through this page here.

Don’t delay, because you might forget… and… this offer will be taken off the table for good.

Talk soon.


PS. If you’re just skimming this article to find out how to get the $9.99 oil change offer, give us a call at 877-651-7166 or book your appointment through this page here. This offer is only valid until September 15, 2016 so don’t delay or you might miss out.