Why Should I Trade In My Car?

Whenever it comes time to get a new vehicle and get rid of the old one, the two things we get asked ALL the time are:

  1. Why should I trade in my car?
  2. Why shouldn’t I sell my car privately?

Everyone’s situation is unique… and deciding whether you should sell your vehicle privately versus trading it in ultimately comes down to how long you’re prepared to wait to sell your vehicle.

At Direct Auto Mall, we will always accept your trade-in, no matter what make and model it is. But you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you.

So first, let’s answer question #1. “Why you should I trade-in my car?”…

why should I trade in my car

Why Should I Trade in My Car?

Like I said earlier, this answer will be different for everyone. But here’s a few reason why trading in your car is more worth it than selling it privately…

Time Is Money

It’s become somewhat of an urban legend that you will get the best price if you find a private buyer. But like most things “they” say, it’s often misleading.

You see, getting rid of your own vehicle is not just about saving a few dollars. It’s about saving your precious TIME and energy.

Now those are the real benefits of a dealership trade.

Why wait for months on end to sell your vehicle… when you can close the sale immediately? Think about it… you’re going to have to store that old ride in your garage while you wait to sell it.

Consider this:

  • Unless your vehicle is in very high demand, finding a buyer takes way longer than you think. With a trade-in, you’ll get rid of that space-waster once and for all.
  • If you’re thinking about going to an auction, you will have to hand out a cut to the auctioneers… severely eating away at the value you get for your car. Plus… if it sells for a lousy $500, you might not get anything at all.
  • It’s a fact that your car loses value as time goes on. The longer you wait to get rid of your old vehicle, the lower the amount is going to be when you sell it.
  • You won’t have to make yourself available for test drives or risk letting an absolute stranger test driving your vehicle. Plus… you won’t have to keep paying to fill up the gas tank each time a new person takes your car for a spin.
  • You don’t have to deal with any of the sale paperwork. We’ll take care of it for you.
  • You don’t have to get your trade-in car in tip-top condition (unless you want to)… and you won’t have to fix anything that isn’t cost-effective to repair.

And sometimes you can be stuck with your car for over a year. You might not even get rid of it.

So why not just trade it in now? You might be kicking yourself letter if you don’t.

You Will Save Countless Dollars On The Sales Tax

Want a better reason to trade in your car? Under Massachusetts law, trading in your previous car will give you a tax credit on your new car.

… this applies if you do the trade-in and the purchase in the same transaction. So if you use the old car as apart of the down payment towards your new car (which will be severely low at Direct Auto Mall with our low monthly financing plans), you will get a tax credit!

Which… means you will only have to pay sales tax on the difference. Let me put that into context for you…

Let’s say your new car costs $20,000, OK? And… let’s say your trade-in is worth $5,000. If that’s the case… then you will ONLY have to pay sales tax on $15,000.

Are you starting to see why trading in your vehicle is an insanely better idea than selling your car privately? Hopefully you are.

… and if you do decide to trade-in your vehicle, then bring it into Direct Auto Mall today. We promise to give you the best value possible for your trade-in… and… we will do all of the paperwork for you.

It’s easy, fast and doesn’t have to be complicated at all. To get a trade-in evaluation in under 24 hours, fill out our form here.