Winters Tires vs. All Season Tires

Winter is fast approaching… and a topic that is on everyone’s mind is if they should change to winter tires… or stick with all-season tires.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you the pros and cons of using both. From there, you can make your own decision on whether you should load up on some extra rubber…

So here it is: winter tires vs. all season tires…

winter tires vs all season tires

“So what’s the difference?” That’s a question we get asked a lot here at Direct Auto Mall, in Framingham. Before you head to our shop, you need to know which tire is right for you.

Winter Tires

  • Winter tires provide advanced brake performance in snowy and icy conditions, so that your tires are less likely to slide.
  • They perform well in all kinds of winter conditions, including: snow, ice, slush, sleet and even on cold, dry roads.
  • They have tread designs that are made specifically to combat ice, snow and severe weather conditions, so that you have more control over your vehicle.
  • They have specially formulated rubber that makes it more flexible in cold temperatures… which… gives you better vehicle handling and control.
  • Winter tires provide a sense of confidence and more control in challenging winter conditions.

All-Season Tires

  • All season tires provide better traction and grip in wet, snowy conditions.
  • They provide stable handling in both wet and dry conditions.
  • All season tires DO provide traction in various weather conditions, but they are not as effective as winter tires.

So which one is right for you? Well, if you’re an inexperienced or very cautious driver, then winter tires may be the best option for you.

Winter tires provide more safety… and better traction so that you are less likely to get into an accident. The only downside is that you will have to change them once winter is over.

The good thing about all-season tires is that you “set it and forget it.” You won’t have to worry about changing them whenever the seasons pass… and… if you’re a careful driver, they will also provide good traction in the winter.


winter tires vs all season tires